Jason Salavon

b. 1970, Indianapolis, IN

Jason Salavon, One Week Skin (CNN-Sq), 2012
Archival inkjet print Ed. 7 + 2 AP, 1/7, 67 x 57 3/4
selected work
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Working at the intersection of art, information technology, and daily life, Jason Salavon (b. Indianapolis, IN 1970) assembles data-sets from mass-culture sources and, using self-authored software, reimagines them as visually arresting prints, videos, and new media installations. In his new exhibition at the gallery, The Top 100,000,000, he pushes to ambivalent extremes this desire to organize the breadth of life into quantifiable structures. In a selection of paper and screen-based works in the North Gallery, Salavon transforms collections of cable television footage, Western painting, and Internet trending topics each into Kaleidoscopic, patterned imagery. In the South Gallery, he will post three variations of The Master Index (TMI 1-3), 2013, a listing of every English Wikipedia article sorted by popularity, as wall murals.

Jason Salavon currently lives and works in Chicago, IL. He studied art and computer science at the University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX (BA, 1993) and earned an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL (1997). Salavon has exhibited his work internationally for last twenty years including solo exhibitions at the Taubman Museum, Roanoke, VA (2013); the Columbus Museum of Art, Columbus, OH (2008); and the List Visual Arts Center, MIT, Cambridge, MA (2005). His digital cave (2010), a special commission for the exhibition "Echoes of the Past: The Buddhist Cave Temples of Xiangtangshan", recently traveled to museums in San Diego, CA; Washington D.C.; Dallas, TX; and Chicago, IL (2010-12). Salavon's work is included in the public collections of The Museum of Modern Art, New York, NY; the National Portrait Gallery, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C.; and the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston. He is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Visual Arts and the Computation Institute at the University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, and many others.

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