Tomory Dodge


Tomory Dodge puts freedom back into the picture at ACME. by David Pagel, Los AngelesTimes, 2015
Despoliation and confinement are points of departure for two painters by Jordan Green, YES! Weekly, March 27, 2013
Tomory Dodge: Explosions, Failures, Mistakes by Brett Cody Rogers, Flast Art, May/June 2012
Tomory Dodge by Julie L. Belcove, Elle Decor, 2012
Tomory Dodge by Hans Rudolf Reust, Artforum, 2012
Artist Interview by Jonathan Beer, Art Rated, April 18, 2012
Dance and Breaks on Canvas by Aldrin Valdez, Artslant, 2012
Painting Abstraction: New Elements in Abstract Painting by Bob Nickas, Phaidon, 2009
Tomory Dodge at ACME. by Christopher Miles, LA Weekly, March 4, 2009
Some Paintings by Doug Harvey, LA Weekly, January 9, 2008
Painting Gets a Broader Brush by Christopher Knight, Los Angeles Times, December 2007
Interview by Ben Luke, Art World, October/November 2007
Tomory Dodge by Christopher Bedford, LA Weekly, 2007
Tomory Dodge by Jeffrey Ryan, Frieze, 2007
Apocalypse Wow: Tomory Dodge by Catherine Taft, ArtReview, 2006
Tomory Dodge by Sarah Douglas, Flash Art, 2005
Tomory Dodge at ACME. by Elizabeth Price, Art Week, February 2005
Tomory Dodge by Christopher Miles, Artforum, January 2005

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